Unique Projects

As part of the Rhapsody Music Foundation mission, Anil regularly works with children in very difficult circumstances. This carries over into his work with NalandaWay and with Agastya Foundation. 
Bringing Carnatic music to underprivileged kids


Kollywood Cowboy-Enjoy the 80s presented doodle style. 88 black and white keys to paint the colour of that era. Just me and the piano. Enjoy.



Music in Public Places 
As part of a mission to make music more accessible to the commoner, Anil regularly moves the piano into unique, uncharted places. These concerts have proven to be very popular. 

anil with horse

















Kalakshetra  – with MS piano

Indo-German festival, playing inside a tent

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 2.56.13 pm








Music and Equality
Starting in 2014, Anil embarks on a significant mission to bring about social harmony using music. Anil Srinivasan and Sharik Hasan present “Keys to India”, a unique concept whereby the two pianists explore their ethnic identity (as Hindu and Muslim, respectively) through their medium of expression, uniting in the joy of their music together. 
Festival of Parallels
An annual, unique offering where a Carnatic musician and Anil present parallels and contrasts between Western Classical and Indian classical music. This festival has grown in strength and now runs to packed houses in the annual Madras Music Festival in December. 



Milapfest – Summer and Other Residencies

Taking an integrated approach to Indian music, Anil works with children in the UK organized by Milapfest every summer and at other specific times through the year, continuing his dedication to music education across the world.

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