Sikkil Gurucharan

Anil and Sikkil

Sikkil Gurucharan, of the third generation of a family of Carnatic musicians, is one of the most important voices of the younger generation of Carnatic musicians. Gurucharan combines the core classicim of his lineage with the tutoring of Vaigal Gnanaskandan. Charan, as he is referred to by family and friends, is one of most affable musicians to work with. His voice entered my musical consciousness at a time when i was uncertain as to the paths my life should take.Since then, we have grown as musicians and as people. He went to the same school (VidyaMandir, Mylapore, Madras) and College (Vivekananda College, Madras) as me, and I think there has been a mysterious destiny at work all the time, bridging the years between us and bringing us together to create our own musicial identity.

Endowed with one of the most sonorous voices in Indian Classical music, Charan’s control over melody is already becoming a huge draw to his concerts the world over. Easily among the busiest musicians, Charan manages his busy Carnatic music schedule with the concerts we perform together.

We have now worked on six albums together, and have been featured in festivals and concerts worldwide. We have collaborated together with a huge array of musicians in several countries and we are proud to be among the few collaborative acts that keeps getting stronger by the year.

Anil Srinivasan and Sikkil Gurucharan singing Adharam Madhuram, Live @ The Peninsula Studios.

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