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A Pianist on a Mission to Create’Positivity’ with Music
Pathways of the piano
A musical Medley
Music would have been empty without Ilayaraja
Education, the musical way
Out of the sabhas, into the world: Unlikely instruments of the Carnatic world
Anil laments live music scene in India
Restrictions are all in the mind
With the Veterans
King & queen remembered
Anil Srinivasan creates a dappan koothu number on the piano
A gift of love
Band of friends



Melodies from Andrum, Indrum, Endrum…
Going beyond genres
Video: Two Indian pianists respond to Hindu-Muslim tensions through music
Beyond Religious Identities
Ancient wisdom in the new workplace
Music has no barriers
Best of three worlds
Tuning in to harmony?
When Chopin gets all jazzed up with Indian music
Film industry needs bold, corporate investors: Kamal Haasan

Bringing Carnatic music to underprivileged kids
Speaking through music
Fabulous 5 to Unite On One Stage
Passport to Piano Heaven, by the Paddocks
Anil Srinivasan to play at the Madras Riding School


Happy experimentation
Three graces
Enjoy the music in each one of us
Sliding Up: ‘Mumbai cabbie drives home lesson in giving’
Being a musician in a fragmented world
World Music Day celebration by Chennai artists
The King and I
Evening of classicism
Taking the road less travelled
The soul purpose of music
Literature in the air


India: Music’s new ambassadors
Anil Srinivasan, Sudha Raja Team Up To Take December Season To Schools
Fitting a changing mould 
Taking classical music to students
‘Diversify for the critical mass’
The new sounds of music
Counterpoint and collaboration
Nirvana for Carnatic lovers 
A Night At The Gallery With Ace Pianist Anil Srinivasan
The Rahman effect
‘I Don’t Know How The Music Comes; If I Find Out, It Will Stop’
Notes of nostalgia
The piano route to nostalgia
Anil Srinivasan & GJR Krishnan – A Unique Presentation
Siken Strains
The New Impresarios
Silken notes


New York Made My Life: Anil Srinivasan
Beyond The Mundane
Chimer Of The Month
November rain
Speaking in music
Carnatic Chill
Our Concerts Appeal To Youngsters: Anil


My November Fest
Musical Tale
In their own voice – The business of the arts
Keys to the past
India PR Wire
Anil Srinivasan, Chandan Kumar Among SNA’s Yuva Puraskar Awardees
Fusion of music and Tamil poetry
Bringing Home The Piano


Innovative traditionalist
The Keys To His Heart
Changing Realities
The piano that MS played
Chords Of Passion


A Lec-Dem By Anil Srinivasan And Sikkil Gurucharan
Going Classical Through Film Music
Presenting Piano In All Its Ramifications
Lessons in music
Seamless blend of styles
Back to lyricism
Crossing Contexts
Musical Duo
A Man Of All Seasonings
Anil Srinivasan: The music framer
I’m trying to evolve a genre: Pianist
When East Meets West, Its Music
Change And Continuity


The Hindu Friday November Fest 
The Colours Of Emotion
At two levels
`It moves the listener’
Lyrics Are Important To Me – Anil
Article by Anil Srinivasan – Lets hear some Jazz
Synthesis Of Styles

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