Evening of classicism

Article by V. V. RAMANI on ‘Melodies And The Breeze’ appeared on ‘The Hindu’, dated Mar 13, 2013. A Preview Of ‘Melodies And The Breeze’, Slated For Sunday (March 17), 6.30 P.M. At Sir Mutha Venkata Subba Rao Auditorium, Harrington Road, Chetpet. The Name Krishna Is An Intrinsic Part Of The Collective Consciousness Of Every Indian, Transcending […]

An echo of poignant serenity

A musician is at times made to answer questions — scathing ones, like the purpose of art, the use of it all. One plausible ideal is the creation of music for its own sake. This, accompanied by an innate, almost supernal, force exhorting us to give it our best. Many great musicians manage to do […]

Automatic Music

Perched on a stool that was too tall for me, I manage to reach the keys of the piano with the help of two large books and a cushion placed under me. I am three and already, the piano is the only truth I hold sacred. As I grow older and learn to love and […]

Whither Independent Music?

So I am wandering down a deep, dark alleyway on Pocketbroke Lane. Beyond the curtain, I see a man trying to sell the idea of an album to me. He asks me if I will deliver the product to him, and he will not pay me, but he will publicize me well and hopefully, if […]

Indian music beyond Rahman?

Music, Magic, Madness and Madras! So what happens now? I remember reading an essay by psychologist Cialdini in what he termed “Birging” (Basking-in-reflected-glory). I think nearly all of us are guilty of it at this point, when “our city boy” has done “us” proud and alarmingly, “ we’ve done it!”. Some of it is justified, I suppose […]

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