Anil Srinivasan is one of the unique artistic voices to emerge from India. A classical pianist, he is trained in Carnatic music and studied Western classical piano. An acclaimed composer, performer, and collaborator, he is well known for contributing a new genre in Carnatic music using the classical piano as a frame around the free-flowing Carnatic classical voices. His music reflects a blend of Western classical and Indian classical influences. His interpretations of popular music and jazz have won him a dedicated following. It has been his endeavour to bring the piano to Indian music and make it a part of classical, semi-classical and popular music.

He is a music educator with a strong background in cognitive neuroscience, Anil has been spearheading education through music with Rhapsody. This is a unique initiative to take music to thousands of children through an integrated approach across demographics and utilizes the power of music as a catalyst to improve academic performance and self-confidence.

As a changemaker, he is an Aspen Global Leader and has been involved in various community initiatives. As a writer, columnist and speaker, he has carved a niche for himself as a musician who connects music to answer some of the most important questions we face in the world today. He has received multiple awards including the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award. The Tamil Nadu Government recognized him by awarding him the Kalaimamani Award for the year 2019.

Anil is currently working on a unique art-led learning project to infuse creativity in learning for children. The project envisages to integrate art and science and enable children to discover important 21st-century skills through art, music and multimedia. He plans to achieve this by providing age-appropriate learning modules created in association with the distinguished team from Rhapsody.

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