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Article by V. V. RAMANI on ‘Melodies And The Breeze’ appeared on ‘The Hindu’, dated Mar 13, 2013.

‘Melodies And The Breeze’

A Preview Of ‘Melodies And The Breeze’, Slated For Sunday (March 17), 6.30 P.M. At Sir Mutha Venkata Subba Rao Auditorium, Harrington Road, Chetpet.
The Name Krishna Is An Intrinsic Part Of The Collective Consciousness Of Every Indian, Transcending Geographical Boundaries And Age Barriers.The Intoxicating Music Emanating From His Flute Wafts Through The Air Mesmerising The Listeners As Immortalised By M S Subbulakshmi In ‘Katrinile Varum Geetham.’ It Will Be Painted Afresh On A New Canvas By Rakesh Chaurasia And Anil Srinivasan In A Concert Titled ‘Melodies And The Breeze’ On Sunday (March 17), 6.30 P.M. At Sir Mutha Venkata Subba Rao Auditorium, Harrington Road, Chetpet. This Is A Fund Raiser For The Madras Seva Sadan, Which Has Been Doing Yeoman Service For The Cause Of Underprivileged Women And Children.

Anil has travelled a long way to pursue his first love – music. He has trained in Western Classical music and this knowledge combined with the sensibilities of Carnatic music has helped him to charter an individual path his own, bringing the piano on to the mainstream Carnatic platform.

Rakesh Chaurasia And Anil SrinivasanRakesh has soaked in the melodic strains of the flute, being the nephew of the legendary flautist Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. His passion and hard work have borne fruit and has he has established his credentials as a talented musician carrying on his uncle’s legacy.

Two diverse artists and two different instruments come together to weave a rich tapestry of melody. The programme has been structured in a manner where the music flows seamlessly from one style to another. The western classical notes of Anil’s piano will lead to Sekhar’s cello to Mega Shyam Keshav’s rhythmic flourishes on the tabla which in turn will gravitate towards the melody of Rakesh’s flute. The evening promises to be a downpour of music which will melt hearts well enough to extend a hand of support to further the cause of The Madras Seva Sadan.


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