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Anil Srinivasan

Genre Bending

Anil Srinivasan has forged a style of his own, that marries multiple genres within the same rendition unpredictably and seamlessly.

This style has come in for much acclaim, both for the dexterity of approach and Anil's innate understanding of multiple genres.

Classical playing

Collaborating with some of the top musicians in classical Indian music, Anil has been recognized in India as a pioneer in the adaptation of the piano to the Indian context..

His solo Indian classical playing style has been singled out for multiple awards and recognition. Anil is equally adept at playing Western classical music.


Anil's musical chat shows - "Keys and Conversations" on NDTV Hindu and his forays online ("Anil Talkies") were both attempts at bridging the gap between the practice around music and the stories behind them

The Zee Tamil series "Sundays with Anil and Karky", conceived and co-hosted by Anil with popular lyricist Madhan Karky, which ran for a successful 13 episode series has caught the public imagination.


Anil has composed for theatre, dance, film and several other commissioned projects.

His collaborations with lyricist Madhan Karky has resulted in songs that are being noted for their individualized texture and design.

Educating Children

Rhapsody Music Education

Seeing the need to inculcate the need for children to engage with music in a way of their choosing, Anil founded Rhapsody in 2013. Rhapsody has since become India's largest music education in schools programme serving over 2,10,000 children today. This work is also extended free of cost to children from some of South India's most economically weak sections, emphasizing the notion that the arts become a way of life for children regardless of where they come from.

Educating Musicians

Anil frequently engages with other musicians to deepen the spirit of enquiry and forge deeper ideas for music making. He has worked with music groups from around the world.

Educating Leaders

As a frequently sought after speaker and thought leader, Anil frequently gives inivtied talks on music and organizational behaviour and leadership. He has been a strong advocate of music as a means of self inquiry and leadership including at some of the world's most prestigious conferences.

On Ground

Anil has been noted for his work with several on-ground issues that affect communities. During the Chennai floods of 2015, he was personally responsible for rescue and relief work. He then went on to raise funds to enable a school for children displaced by the incident, facilitated by the Rotary Club of Madras. Rhapsody Music Foundation, which he set up, also frequently provides rehabilitation support for children and schools in economically weaker neighbourhoods.

Charitable Foundations

Anil is an active Rotarian, serves as a trustee of NalandaWay Foundation (for which he has organized multiple fundraisers), an independent director of The Peninsula Studios (India's first independent studio-cum-archive for traditional musical forms) as well as being associated with multiple social causes.

Global Leadership

In 2017, Anil was chosen to be a part of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (web link), a community of leaders from across the world working committedly towards improving the quality of human life. In India, this is aided through the Ananta Aspen Centre as part of the Kamalnayan Bajaj Fellowship.


Anil is passionate about educational opportunities for all. In addition, he is a fierce voice in the fight against gender violence.



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